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Passing Show Cool 100 ML

Dhs. 30.00


Top Notes : Lavender , Anise , Bergamot , Basil , Orange Blossom , Lemon.

Middle notes : Ylang - Ylang , Geranium , Jasmine.

Base notes : Sandalwood, Oakmoss , Tonka Bean , Vanila , Vetiver , Patchouli.

Embrace the extraordinary with Passing Show Cool, an Eau de Parfum that transcends the ordinary and becomes an olfactory journey, unfolding with each graceful application. Crafted for those who appreciate a fragrance that marries refreshment with captivating allure, Passing Show Cool stands as your quintessential choice.

Whether you're preparing for a cherished occasion or seeking an everyday signature scent, Passing Show Cool is your steadfast companion. Its symphony of notes dances seamlessly from the exhilarating outset to the embrace of a warm and sensuous dry-down.

Experience the magic of Passing Show Cool and discover why it's among the best Passing Show perfumes available in the UAE. Add it to your collection today and relish in its captivating charm.